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Mechanical Engineering

Music, Mind, and Invention Workshop

The workshop will explore the rich interconnections between music, cognition, computation, and creativityContinue Reading

H2Go Team Wins National Competition

James Riccobono and Alex Michalsk won the National Championship at ASME’s 2011 Student Design CompetitionContinue Reading

Professor Bijan Sepahpour’s Paper is honored by ASEE

Professor Bijan Sepahpour’s paper was nominated for the ASEE DELOS Best Paper AwardContinue Reading

Electrathon Car Wins Solar Division

Three Mechanical Engineering seniors, and three Electrical/Computer Engineering seniors built the first TCNJ Electrathon VehicleContinue Reading

Mini Baja Team Wins Competition

It is a long-standing tradition for TCNJ’s School of Engineering to send teams to compete at the Society of Automotive Engineer’s Baja CompetitionContinue Reading